Sacra Vestigia unveils the secrets of a most venerated relic

The Chartula of Assisi is a humble but very precious fragment of parchment dated 1224 and miraculously survived until today in fair conditions of conservation, on which St. Francis put in writing, in his own hand, vibrant words of blessing to his companion and beloved friend Friar Leo.
The parchment, today one of the precious relics of the Saint kept in the crypt of the Lower Basilica of Assisi, has always been at the center of a heated debate about the correct reading of its content, a fascinating combination of textual and visual languages that has been variously interpreted and which reveals depths and puzzles not yet completely solved.
"Sacra Vestigia - Francesco d'Assisi", the publication of Scrinium edited by the International Society of Franciscan Studies and issued in a limited series, offers a fascinating journey to discover the "secrets" of the Chartula, first of all providing a scientifically perfect replica, obtained through close investigations on the original source and moreover offering, in the beautiful collection of historical-scientific essays that accompanies the work, a new interpretative reading of the Chartula, the result of a paleographic research by professor Attilio Bartoli Langeli.
A relic highly venerated by the many devotees of St. Francis in the world and long believed to have protective power, the Chartula of Assisi is still today at the center of the annual celebrations of October 4, feast of St. Francis, Patron of Italy, and is carried in procession through the streets of Assisi. On that annual holiday, the words that Francis dedicated to his beloved friend Leo for his protection become the blessing of the Saint to Italy and the world.

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