Exultet Scroll

The Exultet Chant

The Exultet Chant accompanies one of the oldest and most evocative rites of the Christian liturgy, i.e. the Lighting of the Paschal candle as the culmination of the night celebration of Easter.

The Exultet is traditionally sung by the deacon after the Paschal candle has been lit and the clergy have processed to the altar. The lighted Paschal candle contains a twofold symbolism. First, it represents the pillar of fire that went before the Israelites during their flight from Egypt. Second, it represents Christ, who is the light of the world.

The procession likewise has a twofold meaning. It symbolizes the journey of the Israelites out of Egypt, and also the arrival of Christ who is the Savior of the world.

The Exsultet sings of this symbolism and recalls for us the history of our salvation; from the fall of Adam, to the events of that first Passover held by Moses and the Israelites, and then finally the events of that last Passover at which Jesus suffered, died, rose from the dead and by which mankind was redeemed. The tone of the hymn is very much one of joy at having received so great a gift as our redemption and eternal life.


Numbered items, certified by the Vatican Apostolic Library
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Technical features

  • Original size of the 5 scrolls: 29 cm large / from 64 to 86 cm high. 10 illuminated scenes and 23 decorated initials with rich gold leaf treatment.
  • The 5 scrolls have been joined to recreate a single scroll as it was originally. The missing parts have been replaced by a description of the lost text.
  • The scroll is housed in a wooden case with a slot on the front side for the commentary volume, bound in leather. The display case is provided with a mechanism which allows to unroll and rewind the scroll- On the left side a small drawer contains the Paschal candle. Display Case size: base cm 34,5 x 23,5 / height cm 33
  • The commentary volume with essays by Guglielmo Cavallo and Lacinia Speciale.
  • World print run: 980 Numbered items, certified by the Vatican Apostolic Library. The special display case was purposely designed for the 350 items still available.

Archival record: Cod. Barb. Lat. 592

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