A mission, a great ambition

A mission which is above all a great ambition: letting the great historical figures speak again, bringing the light of knowledge and scientific research over the darkness of the past, making readable the ancient documents which record some chapters of our history. Revealing, studying, describing and handing down valuable and rarely accessed historical documents.

Every project originates from a research on the sources by a multidisciplinary team, investigating the smallest details and the secrets hidden among the fading manuscript lines, under the folds of frail parchments, behind obscure formulas, in order to retrace the historical events with the highest scientific accuracy and reveal some unknown aspects of our history.

The result of such extended studies on the ancient documents, extraordinarily made available by the conservators, is the first clone, a most accurate replica, surprisingly perfect, of the manuscript. A delicate process, requiring repeated comparisons and uncompromising quality controls.

For its cultural projects, Scrinium gathers eminent experts in various fields to produce original essays and researches for the scholarly volumes which help reading and understanding the content of the ancient documents thanks to the paleographic survey and diplomatic edition. The careful treatment and highest reliability are officially certified by the highest authorities of the commissioning bodies.

But Scrinium also makes perfection meet beauty and poetry. Therefore the handcraft production of the volumes, the manual folding and sewing of the pages, the gold and color decorations, the binding and any other hand-made process are the result of a research aimed at reproducing the traditional working methods and secrets of the ancient book-making art. Every single copy, delivered in the hands of its future custodian, is a true valuable jewel, rare and eternal.