The compassion of Saint Francis revealed by Scrinvm

Compassion, in its truest and deepest meaning of feeling with the heart of one’s neighbor, is the prevailing sentiment of one of the only two historical traces in St. Francis’ own hand: the Letter to Friar Leo.

A precious relic, kept in the Cathedral of Spoleto and datable about 1225, the letter was the subject of a careful and in-depth study conducted by Scrinium on behalf of the Archdiocese of Assisi and Spoleto, the Sacred Convent of St. Francis in Assisi and in collaboration with the International Society of Franciscan Studies. The research study gave rise to "Sacra Vestigia - Francesco d'Assisi", a numbered and certified edition, which contains, in addition to the Letter to Friar Leone, the Letter Solet Annuere with which Pope Honorius III confirmed the Rule of the Franciscan order , and a second autograph in the Saint’s own hand.
The Letter to Brother Leo, from his very first words, is a proof of the generous humanity of Francis who greets and comforts his companion and friend "with the love of a mother". The scope of the letter is obvious: it is a word of tender encouragement and counsel to St. Francis’ most intimate companion and friend, who at the time was harassed with doubts and fears.

Presented in a unique event on October 22th, Sacra Vestigia - Francesco d'Assisi by Scrinium, is an exclusive project that recounts the charm of ancient and currently inaccessible Franciscan manuscripts with unparalleled fidelity and integrity.