Ego Marcus Paulo Volo et Ordino

The secrets of Marco Polo's Will

Official Presentation

The Marciana National Library and Scrinium present “Ego Marcus Paulo Volo et Ordino - The Secrets of Marco Polo’s Will”, exclusive and previously unpublished edition of Marco Polo’s Will, from the original Codex Lat. V, 58 (=2437), no. 33.

Venice, 13th April 2018  | Hall of the Sansovino Library

On April 13, 2018 the majestic Hall of the Sansovino Library, historical seat of the Marciana National Library, marvelously frescoed by Veronese and Tintoretto, hosted an event of utmost importance for the academic and scientific community.
The work Ego Marcus Paulo volo et ordino – The secrets of Marco Polo’s Will, newly published by the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and Scrinium, received an official press conference and public presentation. The event, chaired by the Director General of the Marciana Library and the President of Scrinium, involved the participation of world-renowned scholars and experts.
The event resulted of particular interest for the topicality of Marco Polo to the current time and for his extraordinary historical legacy as a model of diplomatic intelligence, a promoter of intercultural dialogue and a man of peace.
During the event, Prof. Attilio Bartoli Langeli offered a description of his paleographic research on the original document and a report summarizing the content of his critical edition of the text.
With this contribution, the Confucius Institute of Venice, operating within the University of Ca' Foscari - Venice, wished to express its praise for this cultural initiative, highly topical also for China, and assured its enthusiastic support to the plan of a future Chinese / English edition of the work.

13 April 2018, Marciana National Library, Sansovino Hall | Official Presentation

  • Maurizio Messina - Director General | Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana
  • Vincenzo Scotti - President | Università degli Studi Link Campus – Rome
  • Ferdinando Santoro - President | Scrinium
  • Tiziana Plebani – historian, editor
  • Vito Bianchi – archeologist, co-author
  • Attilio Bartoli Langeli – paleographer, co-author, editor of the diplomatic edition

Pieralvise Zorzi – writer, journalist, communication specialist


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