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Marco Polo's will

Great enthusiasm was aroused by the publication devoted to Marco Polo’s will by Scrinium and the Marciana National Library, in Venice. It was displayed at the conference on “The Maritime Western Silk Road: Analyzing Opportunities and Impacts on the EUSAIR Macroregional Strategy for Tourism and Transport” organized by EUSAIR (E.U. Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region) in collaboration with the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers, the Chinese government’s committee for the “2018 E.U.-China Tourism Year” project, the European Union and the city of Venice.

The eminent authorities present included Claudio De Vincenti, minister for Territorial Cohesion and Southern Italy; Ilaria Borletti Buitoni, undersecretary of Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism; Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice; Dr. Paola Mar, Venice’s municipal commissioner for tourism; and many representatives of the governments of China, Croatia and Greece.

The publication titled “Ego Marcus Paulo volo et ordino,” a tribute to the great Venetian traveler mentioned several times during the conference as a model of diplomatic intelligence, was appreciated and applauded by the many Italian and international guests and important authorities who attended the event.

1. Esposizione dell’opera nella Sala Cuoi d’Oro di Ca’ Vendramin Calergi

Prof. Vincenzo Scotti, president of Link Campus University and of the Foundation of the same name, in his talk on “The Silk Road: Strategy and Geopolitics,” called the audience’s attention to the project dedicated to Marco Polo’s will, which Scrinium and the National Marciana Library will present officially next April. Mr. Scotti emphasized the importance of conducting an in-depth cultural study of the origins of the Western world’s relations with China, and the need to promote studies and knowledge of the age-old Chinese culture as a key for making the West’s future economic and commercial relations with China successful.

Alongside the copy of the precious new publication, the Link Campus Foundation and the Link Campus University (Scrinium’s partners in an international program aimed at promoting the project) displayed an interesting interactive installation created by researchers from DASIC (the Digital Administration and Social Innovation Center) and inspired by Marco Polo’s will and by the inventory of goods and chattels that the great Venetian traveler bequeathed to his daughter Fantina.

2. L’On. Claudio De Vincenti, Ministro per la Coesione territoriale e il Mezzogiorno e il Prof. Vincenzo Scotti della Fondazione Link Campus University, in visita all’esposizione

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