Solet annuere and texts written by St. Francis in his own hand

Lower Basilica in Assisi / Cathedral of Spoleto

Three extraordinary documents that are highly representative of the character of the world’s most beloved saint.

The first document is the Regula Bullata. This parchment, dated 1223, is the letter by which pope Honorius III’s solemnly confirmed the Rule (the Later Rule) written by Francis for his order. It is called bullata because the papal seal, or bull, is affixed to it. In the letter are transcribed the twelve chapters that make up the Later Rule, which still governs the life of the whole Franciscan family.

The other two documents are the only surviving ones written by St. Francis in his own hand. One is a small and badly worn piece of parchment known as the Assisi chartula: on the flesh side Francis wrote his Laudes Dei Altissimi, on the other the Blessing for brother Leo. The other autograph document, which is preserved in the Cathedral of Spoleto and in much better condition, is an affectionate letter likewise written by Francis to his friend and confessor brother Leo.

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by the Custodian of the Sacred Convent and the Archbishop of the Spoleto-Norcia diocese
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